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DPMS Continues Expansion with New Employees

DPMS Logo 2012 2David Price Metal Services (DPMS) hires its 130th employee; a record for the Norwalk, Ohio based manufacturing facility.

Specializing in the design and production of custom equipment, DPMS continues to grow with steady outreach into a wide variety of industries.  Focusing on manufacturing hydraulic presses for the automotive industry; fabricated components for the alternative energy industries, and stainless steel conveyors and platforms for the food processing industry, the DPMS portfolio is varied enough to maintain steady growth throughout the year.

Prevailing through the winter of the economic downturn in 2009, DPMS began to steadily hire a staff of highly skilled workers such as fabricators, welders, and machinists.  There was a slight population explosion in 2011 in the DPMS workforce, thanks to increasing orders from the industries served.

There was such an increase in production; DPMS was forced to expand its engineering staff from four designers in 2010 to seven in 2012.  They also added an administrative assistant to coordinate the workflow of the growing department.

With ever-tightening delivery deadlines, DPMS added workforce to help meet the smaller windows to complete projects.  Four fabricators, three electricians, and two machinists were added in the first two months of 2012 alone.

Although hydraulic presses, milling drums, and food processing equipment make up the bulk of DPMS orders, the additional staff allows DPMS sales staff to expand the sales base with new customers requiring quality welds, on time delivery and an ease in serviceability.  These new customers keep the 130 skilled workers at DPMS on a tight schedule, and all but ensure DPMS management will continue to expand its capabilities with additional employees.

Proud to be Made in Norwalk, Ohio

Made in NorwalkWhen drivers pass the entrance sign to David Price Metal Services (DPMS) on the east side of Norwalk, they probably pay it little attention.  DPMS does not manufacture products which you buy for your home, automobile, or pantry.  But those same homes, automobiles and pantries would not be the same without DPMS and the 130 employees who work at the 100,000 square foot facility.

DPMS manufactures a wide range of machines, all of which are crucial in industries ranging from construction to automotive to the still-budding alternative energy industry.  Technology and computer precision play an important role in their manufacturing process, but employees know each day will be met with new and unforeseen challenges.

“Our customers are demanding a shorter delivery schedule and of course a continual lower cost,” said DPMS President Chris Price.  “That kind of pressure produces challenges every day.  Sometimes in mid-project the customer will change something, or one of our own employees will find a better way to do something.  It’s an exciting, evolving process every step of the way.

And Price is not alone.  Buffeted by relationships with a wide range of industries, Price spent 2012 reinvesting in new equipment and hiring more employees.  “We started the year with about 100 people in this building and increased that to 130 by December,” Price said.  “Customers are returning to us with increasing speed, which means we are able to hire more people to get the jobs done.”

And, putting it mildly, there are a lot of jobs.  At any given time, DPMS has over 500 jobs on the shop floor in different stages of development.  “We rely very heavily on computers,” Price added.  With employees logging their time down to the minute, technology allows management to accurately quote the cost of each project.

Accurate quoting and quality craftsmanship are two crucial parts of an equation that reveals why customers return to DPMS with more projects.  “Our employees are highly skilled.” Price said. “And in this industry, it takes everyone from the engineer to the welder working together to not only make a quality machine but to build it in an efficient and profitable way.”

Price is looking forward to the challenges of the new year.  Notably because, in his words, “we’re all pointed in the right direction.”

Alternative Energy Soars at DPMS

Wind Tower Near ToledoIn 2009, with the economy stagnant and manufacturing work drying up, David Price Metal Services accomplished something rare.  They added business by securing work in the alternative energy industry.

With gasoline and oil prices spiraling upward, the United States (some might say, finally) began to look at alternative energy systems to combat the rising costs of fossil fuels.

At the forefront of the new focus in alternative energy, meet custom manufacturer David Price Metal Services (DPMS).  DPMS added the alternative energy industry to its wide base of industries served shortly after the economy soured in 2009.  Two primary industries that took a hit (construction and automobile manufacturing) utilized DPMS on a large scale.  Looking for work to keep the company moving forward, management capitalized on crucial needs in alternative energy.  Manufacturers in the solar industry, for instance, needed quality fabrication on a very strict time schedule.  David Price Metal Services fills that need.

DPMS began manufacturing load centers for the solar industry, towers for the wind turbine industry, and electric car chargers for the budding and under-utilized electric car industry.

Management had to quickly develop new and technologically advanced procedures to fabricate and weld both stainless and carbon steel components.  Customers required strict deadlines and cost cutting measures which frequently put management back on the drawing board, devising and developing new and better ways to manufacture.

Since that bleak period in 2009, the automotive industry has returned to its previous strength.  DPMS continues to meet the ‘old’ demands while continuing to manufacture the machines and components for the ‘new.’  All roads point to DPMS when it comes to quality, cost effective manufacturing.