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Quality in Fabrication

Best in ClassDavid Price Metal Services strives for high quality welds in every application we pursue.  Sometimes that means we are building mammoth thermoforming production lines for Tier I automotive companies; and sometimes that means we are welding a farmer’s trailer back together.

This can-do attitude makes DPMS stand out among fabrication and welding companies.  The world class customer service, be you a corporate entity servicing world reknowned food processing companies, or one of our neighbors searching for a metal plate- DPMS is a destination when solutions are crucial for moving forward.

How do we do it?  Our team makes the difference.  Every person who touches each piece of steel brings an intuitive knowledge to the project.  From engineering to machining to cutting to fabrication and welding, the master craftsmen at DPMS are crucial to the quality, success, and strength of your custom machine.

DPMS is the leader in high quality, durable fabrication and machining.  Our employees take great pride in their work, ultimately giving the customer an above-and-beyond approach which is unmatched in our industry.

Our success begs the question… what can we do for you?

On the Road Again in the Asphalt Industry

Asphalt Milling DrumsSummer in Ohio brings out the unofficial state symbol: The Orange Barrel.  The tough winters wreak havoc on our roadways and Interstates, leading most Ohioans to bemoan the almost constant state of repair for our highways.

Nonetheless, for David Price Metal Services, road repair and new road construction are two industries crucial to our success.  (That is not to say we don’t also curse the barrels, just a little quieter than the rest.)  Each year, our staff of skilled fabricators and welders spend the winter season repairing asphalt milling drums for the upcoming season of road construction.  The milling drums serve to remove the asphalt from the road, allowing for a fresh layer of hot black tar and asphalt and a couple more years of smooth driving.

The custom machining and welding requuired to build these machines are a perfect fit for DPMS.  The large, cumbersome drums are easily manuevered on our boring mills, and the welders weave a custom pattern of carbide teeth on the drums leading to an efficient, precise cut.

DPMS also employs a team of fabricators dedicated solely to keeping road construction equipment right where it belongs- on the asphalt.  Almost 10% of our facility is reserved for the machines which repair, resurface, and renew our roads. These machines take a beating during the construction process, and DPMS works fast to put them back in service after emergency repairs.

So next time you pass the orange barrels cursing at their very existence, take a moment to peek at the machines doing the work and be proud they are manufactured or rebuilt right here in Norwalk, Ohio.

Fill ‘Er Up

photoPull up to 99% of the gas stations in this country and the routine is the same.  You pump the gas yourself.  “Self-Service” isn’t even a marketing ploy to get you to stop.  Long gone is the era of gas stations where an attendant came out to greet you, filled up your tank, checked your oil and washed your windshield.  Even the iconic slogan, “Fill “er Up” would best be used between a bartender and his patron then a gas station and a customer.

With the introduction of electric vehicles in the last decade, the evolution of refueling your vehicle continues.  Imagine pulling up to a restaurant or a hotel and… filling up?  One of the drawbacks preventing reluctant car-buyers from trading in gas guzzling cumbustion engines with clean, quiet electric energy is the fear of driving down Interstate 71 and running out of battery.

PEP Electric Car Charging Stations will put your fears at ease.  PEP (Plug-in Electric Power) Stations designs electric car charging stations for installation in hotels, restaurants, museums and theme parks.  Anywhere you are going to spend an hour or more is a perfect opportunity to ‘Fill ‘er up!’

For a small fee charged to your credit card, the charging station fills your battery while you dine, sleep, or enjoy a concert.  The Toledo Museum of Art recently installed a series of PEP Stations as a convenience for their visitors.

David Price Metal Services is proud to manufacture the framing for the charging stations.  Combining skills for precision fabrication and high quality welding, DPMS leads the industry in providing state of the art equipment at a low cost.  In the picture above, DPMS manufactured the PS1500 which is an entry level unit for personal use.  DPMS uses stainless steel for the PS2000 series for commercial applications which features a credit card swiping system for easy payment.

For more information about the electric car charging stations, and how to install at your facility, please visit PEP Stations here. They certainly give new meaning to the words, “Fill ‘er Up!”