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Refurbishing Equipment

Refurbishing Equipment
David Price Metal Services is known for manufacturing custom steel equipment and machines. However, for some companies, the old is just as good as the new, perhaps with a tweak here and adjustment there.

In the above photos, the expert skilled craftsmen at DPMS were challenged with shortening the Rewinder for a leader in the packaging industry. Close to eighteen inches were removed from the cylinder, requiring shortening of the components parallel to the cylinder.

While the cylinder was shortened, the company took the opportunity to upgrade tubing which had degraded and replace welts as well as worn out nuts and bolts.

Completing the refurbishment with a clean paint application, the finished product gave the appearance of a brand-new machine. But the price tag of the overhaul revealed the crucial savings associated with saving an old machine through refurbishing rather than replacing.

We hear it all the time- “I need to machine a five-foot beam and don’t have the capacity”

We hear it all the time- “I need to machine a twelve-foot beam and don’t have the capacity.” Or-“The diameter of our component is too large; I can’t do what I need to do to make this work.”

The answer to your problems? David Price Metal Services, Inc. (DPMS).

DPMS is a 100,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Norwalk, Ohio, specializing in quality machining, fabrication and assembly of complex electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. The construction of such machines requires high capacity CNC turning centers, lathes, large scale horizontal and vertical boring mills.
The machining capabilities are diverse, meeting the competitive demands of our customers.
The following are the dimensional capacities of DPMS equipment:

Boring Mills:
Width:240” x Height: 75”
Width: 225” x Height: 80”

CNC Turning Centers:
(x) 80” (y) 30” (z) 30”
(x) 40” (y) 20” (z) 25”
(x) 64” (y) 30” (z) 30”
(x) 58” (y) 30” (z) 30”
(x) 190” (y) 110” (z) 36”

CNC Lathes:
(x) 22.5” (z) 80”
(x) 12” 19”
“Our customers depend on us for providing the same quality boring and machining capabilities whether it’s six inches or sixty,” commented Chris Price, President of DPMS.
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