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DPMS Building Structural Steel Systems

David Price Metal Services (DPMS) has been known for quality fabrication, welding and machining since 1989. As a custom job shop, we have manufactured a full range of steel structures, machines and components for industries from automotive to food processing to road construction.

Throughout that time, DPMS has also fabricating structural steel systems. These structures include platforms for Hydraulic Press Systems, Food Processing Conveyors, Asphalt Mixing Plants, and Headliner Production Systems. Each of these customized programs requires a wide range of structural steel platforms, with weight capacities ranging from 200 pounds to multiple tons.

Utilizing their engineering arm called Fabriweld, DPMS is uniquely suited to design, fabricate, and manufacture structural steel systems. Our skilled tradesmen employ decades of experience into their work, combining innovative techniques to build these systems with an eye for quality, integrity and efficiency all at the same time.

Are you interested in a quote for a custom fabrication structural system? We can help! Call us for a quote today at 419-663-0279. One of our Processing Engineers will be happy to assist you with pricing for your project. Thank you for considering DPMS!