The Bullet Bunker

Universal Bullet Traps DBA The Bullet Bunker

You send it… we stop it!

A new concept in bullet traps, The Bullet Bunker stops and contains everything you can shoot at it, from 22 caliber rimfire to 50 BMG.

Own your own range!

The Bullet Bunker is portable, affordable & durable!

It stops tens of thousands of rounds before any maintenance needed. With new faces installed in only minutes, maintenance is easy.

Environmentally friendly!

Utilizing an engineering principle known as in-elastic collision, Bullet Bunker not only stops projectiles, but also traps their by-products from entering into the air and ground.

The Bullet Bunker bullet trap, consists of a specially designed face of rubber with layers of ballistic fabric laminated within the rubber. The ballistic fabric is a polyester-nylon blend that is similar to product used in bullet-proof vests. Behind this sheet is a specifically engineered ballistic medium. The medium is loaded into a steel box behind the face. Bullets begin deceleration by going through the face of the Bullet Bunker, then hit all of the pieces of medium in the box at different angles, stopping it quickly.

The Bullet Bunker’s face is self-sealing. Thousands of rounds have been shot through our test units and there is still not a visible hole. If / when the face should show signs of wear it can be replaced in about 15 minutes.

To clean the bullets out of the Bullet Bunker, simply remove a few bolts and open the front face. It’s that easy!

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